• get - Get import list


    "links": {
        "next": "uri",
        "prev": "uri"
    "results": [
            "cancelledAt": "date-time",
            "createdAt": "date-time",
            "errorReportFileUrl": "string",
            "errors": "integer",
            "finishedAt": "date-time",
            "id": "string",
            "options": {
                "couponSetId": "string",
                "delimiter": "string",
                "overrideExisting": "boolean",
                "updateOnlyEmptyFields": "boolean"
            "origin": "string",
            "startedAt": "date-time",
            "status": "string",
            "success": "integer",
            "total": "integer",
            "type": "string"


Name Type Description Additional
links object

The pagination links

Optional uri

The next list page url if there are more elements

links.prev uri

The previous list page url if there is a previous page

results[] array

The imports list

results[].cancelledAt date-time

The date of import cancellation in ISO8601 format

results[].createdAt date-time

The date of import creation in ISO8601 format

results[].errorReportFileUrl string

The import error report file url. Url to download a file containing all import errors.

results[].errors integer

The total number of failed imported elements

results[].finishedAt date-time

The date of import finish in ISO8601 format

results[].id string

The identifier of the Import

results[].options object

The import options

results[].options.couponSetId string

Coupon set identifier to import coupons into. It applies only to coupon imports.

results[].options.delimiter string

The import delimiter. Values supported are comma and semicolon.

Possible values are:

  • ,
  • ;
results[].options.overrideExisting boolean

Option to override existing elements. Will override if true.

results[].options.updateOnlyEmptyFields boolean

Option to update only empty fields. Will only update fields that are empty for the element if true.

results[].origin string

The import origin. The import was created from the api or from the Connectif app.

Possible values are:

  • api
  • app
results[].startedAt date-time

The date of import start in ISO8601 format

results[].status string

The import status

Possible values are:

  • queued
  • inProgress
  • finished
  • error
  • cancelled
results[].success integer

The total number of succeeded imported elements

results[].total integer

The total number of elements to import

results[].type string

The import type

Possible values are:

  • contacts
  • products
  • coupons